The Hope Fault (Aardvark Bureau, 2018)

The Hope Fault

Iris flicks the car’s headlights on, even though it’s not long past midday. There’s no rain yet, but you can feel it in the air, smell it coming. When they’d left the city that morning, they’d driven three hours south in midwinter sunshine, under skies of unbroken blue. Then just out of Cassetown they drove in under a thick dark cloud that filled the whole of the sky to the south, and turned the day dusk-dark. In Cassetown, Geologue Bay, Iris and her extended family — her ex-husband and his wife and their new baby; her son and her best friend’s ...
Hope Fault close-up 2015 South Island Geology map, Unfolding the map exhibition

The Hope Fault – Notes, resources and references

Like most writers, I’m a magpie, taking shiny things from the world around me and making them my own, absorbing and transforming them in my writing. So, in addition to the acknowledgements printed in the back of the book (reproduced at the bottom of this page), I wanted to acknowledge some of the sources, resources and references that were important to me as I wrote The Hope Fault. Some of these are quite specific references, to a line or phrase in the book; others are more general notes. I’ll add links and references to this page as I find (or create) them. If ...
The Life + Loves of Lena Gaunt (Aardvark Bureau 2016)

The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt

It’s glorious, the water in the morning, when it’s calm like this, when you can just bob on the surface, like a seal, watching. How well it makes me feel, how calm; how light and how heavy at the same time: like heroin – a little bit like heroin. Octogenarian musician Lena Gaunt lives quietly in the Perth suburbs. An early embracer of electronic music – Music’s Most Modern Musician – she found fame in Jazz-age Sydney as a virtuoso of the theremin and travelled the world before settling down to a life of daily swims…and a decades-old heroin habit. Now, for ...
Bonsai (CUP, 2018)

Beer goggles

It’s a long walk up between streets, a Wellington short cut, past cabbage trees and damp, tightly-planted agapanthus. Stopping to catch their beery breath, turning, they see the city ...
Good Dog 2016

At the bay

The kids are busy at the river mouth. … There’s one black dog right in there with them, a mad barker, lolling and lollopping. Another dog, black-and-white, more serious, is ...

Purple Prose

Do you see what I see?

That two-day hangover was mine in real life. But…home for me, then, was Vancouver, not the New Zealand of the story. Our boozy real-life night ended up…at First Avenue, the ...

Once Had Me

The car winds between steep fields that sweep down, green, to meet the road. The high sides of hills make corners you can’t see around. The sun’s out, but everything’s ...


The Hope Fault

The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt

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