A six-month hunch: CreativeNZ Arts Grant funding

It’s taken me a week to post this, a week in which “t”s have been being crossed, and “i”s dotted (aka six months leave from the day job negotiated).

I’ve been awarded an Arts Grant (Literature) by Creative New Zealand. The grant will fund me to write full-time for the first six months of 2015. What a thrill; what an opportunity: what a relief.

You’ll find me hunched at my writing desk for six months from 1 January 2015. I’m hoping that six-month hunch will see me re-draft and finish The Hope Fault, the novel I’ve been working on this year.

Can I hear a rousing cheer for Creative New Zealand and arts funding in general? Oh yeah.


I’m really grateful to Charlotte Wood (@charlottewoodau) for a timely blog post she published earlier this year as I was preparing this application for CreativeNZ and another to Varuna (both of them successful). Charlotte’s post, which includes suggestions from Patrick Allington (@PatrAllington), is a great general resource if you’re applying for arts funding.


Creative New Zealand website

Charlotte Wood’s post: Granted! Some hints on applying for arts funding & fellowships

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