Bad Diaries Salon, Port Fairy

Bad Diaries Salon was established mid-2017 with a call out from Jenny Ackland on Twitter – were there any writers who still had their old, bad teenage diaries, and would they be prepared to read them live? The response was overwhelming. Result: four salons were held in 2017, and Bad Diaries Salon is back with a Winter 2018 series kicking off in Port Fairy on 7 July.

Bad Diaries Salons features writers reading, to a theme, from their diaries and other unpublished juvenilia. Each salon is a unique combination of theme and readers, a performance that is raw, unedited, original and candid: the written word, rediscovered and shared.

There are more salons in the works, too, co-curated by Jenny Ackland and me. Follow Bad Diaries Salon on Twitter (@BadDiariesSalon) or Facebook, or check my Bad Diaries Salon posts.


Bad Diaries Salon Port Fairy

The Bad Diaries Salon is a series where published writers read from their early, terrible works. Cringe-worthy diaries, terrible novel drafts, teenage angst poetry, horrendous short stories or other juvenilia. On Saturday 7 July, readers will read for ten minutes each to the theme of DELETED. Confirmed readers are Emma Viskic, Tracy Farr, Rochelle Siemienowicz, Paul Burman, Matt Neal and Jenny Ackland. This event is hosted by Port Fairy Community House and Blarney Books and Art for a weekend of literary events, as part of Winter Weekends Port Fairy.

Bad Diaries Salon

When: 7–9pm, Saturday 7 July 2018

Where: Blarney Books & Art, 37 James Street Port Fairy, Victoria

Tickets: $15 book here

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Winter Weekends Port Fairy

Poster by Robert Lukins