Michael King Writers’ Centre Spring Residency 2018

I’m really thrilled to have been awarded the Spring Residency for 2018 by Michael King Writers’ Centre (MKWC).

MKWC recently announced the recipients of the 2018 residency programme. From the media release:

Tracy Farr has been awarded the four-week Spring Residency to work on her latest project; her third novel – the story of three sisters, identical triplets born in an amusement park in the first decade of the twentieth century. The novel explores the sisters’ ability to describe the world and make it into sense, and to live lives filled with wonder.

The residency programme is supported by Creative New Zealand. I’ll be in residence at the Signalman’s House in Devonport for 4 weeks during September and October 2018.

It’ll be a thrill to go back to the Signalman’s House. I stayed there for ten days back in 2009, as a self-funded visiting writer, while working on the last stages of the first draft of what would become my first novel, The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt. Here are some random photos from the Signalman’s House back in 2009.


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