Roundup of Italian media, Dopo la pioggia

The Hope Fault was published in Italy in late 2018 by Unorosso, an imprint of Parallelo45 Edizioni. The Italian translation, by Daniela Di Falco, takes the title Dopo la pioggia – ‘after the rain’.

The novel had its first public airing when the Parallelo45 Edizioni team took Dopo la pioggia to Bookcity Milano in 2018, and hit its promotional stride in early 2019. If I can rely on Google Translate, media coverage has been really positive.

Huge thanks go to Irina Turcanu, handling PR for the book, who has been an absolute champion. As well as fronting a number of radio interviews (because I have no Italian!), Irina had the unenviable task of translating (written) interview questions from Italian to English for me, and translating my (written) responses from English to Italian.

Dopo la pioggia (ISBN 978-8899246099) is available online from you-know-where, or in good bookstores in Italy.

Here are links to just some of the many reviews and interviews for the novel in the Italian media.


Dopo la pioggia: il tempo di una famiglia allargata, review in Booksitter, 19 Aug 2019

Un microcosmo umano in cerca di purificazione, review by Stefano Gallone in WakeUpNews, 24 Jun 2019

Dopo la pioggia di Tracy Farr, review by Davide Gambardella in Recensione, 2019

Dopo la pioggia (The Hope Fault), il nuovo lavoro della scrittrice australiana Tracy Farr, review in Domani Press, 14 May 2019

Dopo la pioggia, il nuovo libro di Tracy Farr: saga che racconta la complessità delle famiglie allargate, review in LSD Magazine, 10 May 2019

Dopo la pioggia (The Hope Fault), review in Il Progresso Magazine, May 2019

Dopo la pioggia (The Hope Fault) di Tracy Farr, review in La Prima Pagina, 30 April 2019

“Dopo la pioggia”: l’affresco familiare e generazionale di Tracy Farr, review in Outsiders webzine, 24 May 2019

Dopo la pioggia (The Hope Fault) di Tracy Farr, review by Mario Bertache in Europa new Mondo, 29 Apr 2019


Intervista A Tracy Farr: Autrice Australiana Del Romanzo “Dopo La Pioggia”, interview for Ukizero, 6 Jun 2019

Intervista Irina Turcanu per la prezentazione di “DOPO LA PIOGGIA di Tracy Farr, interview with Irina Turcanu (for Parallelo45 Edizione) on Missione Radio, 2019

Tracy Farr, Dopo La Pioggia, interview with Tracy Farr (trans. Irina Turcanu) for Leggere Tutti, 2 May 2019

“Dopo la pioggia”, intervista a Tracy Farr, Annamaria Trevale interviews Tracy Farr (trans. Irina Turcanu) for Sul Romanzo, Dec 2018


The Family Today: Dopo la pioggia was the subject of a discussion with publisher Fabrizio Filios, psychologist Martina Rossetti and sociologist Paola Bonizzoni at Bookcity Milano in November 2018.