The intriguing theremin

Some of the most interesting responses I’ve had to my novel, The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt, have been to do with the musical instrument that Lena plays: the theremin. Readers have thought I made it up, that it couldn’t possibly be real.

I’ve written a few posts about the theremin: here and here, for example. But I thought that I’d try to semi-regularly post a little something about the theremin. I’ll tag these posts Theremin Thursday. Sometimes they might be just a link to audio or video, to someone else’s post, pic, or website. Occasionally I’ll gabble on myself.

To kick off, here’s a great half-hour radio programme that aired mid-2013 on ABC Radio National’s Hindsight: The intriguing theremin. The programme was produced for Radio Netherlands.

People fainted when the Theremin was first performed onstage in Paris in 1928.

It’s a great introduction to and overview of the instrument, complete with plenty of glorious theremin sounds.

There’s a lot of weird stuff about the theremin.

Click here to go to ABC Radio National website, where you can download and listen to the audio.

Love the sound, or loathe it?

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