Two years and counting

Two years ago The Hope Fault – my second novel – was published in Australia and New Zealand by Fremantle Press. I want to offer this quiet book a little noise and celebration and pride, to mark its path in the world, and to thank those who’ve helped it on its way.

Catherine Robertson gave it a cracking review in NZ Listener, and it was listed as one of Listener’s Best Books of 2017. There were lovely reviews and responses from David Herkt for Fairfax NZ, Maureen Eppen in the West Australian, Sarah McNeill for Post newspapers, Sonia Nair for Australian Book Review, and New Zealand Review of Books Pukapuka Aotearoa‘s Louise O’Brien on RNZ, among others.

My all-time favourite response to the novel was the longform piece written by Pip Adam for The Pantograph PunchThe Hope Fault is, on the surface, a story about family, but the book is more deeply concerned with anxiety, time, transformation and scale – and Pip got that.

A book has the ability to telescope time and The Hope Fault does so to great effect … Farr’s writing is the gingerbread house that makes us forget time, or rather experience time in a different way.
— Pip Adam in The Pantograph Punch

This quiet wee book went on to be published last year in the UK and US by Gallic Books / Aardvark Bureau.

The Hope Fault
The Hope Fault (Aardvark Bureau, 2018)

It had some lovely write-ups and mentions in magazines and book blogs and elsewhere online, and featured in the Summer Reading promotion at WH Smith in the UK.

The Hope Fault by Tracy Farr is a beautifully observed dissection of modern family life and explores how no family these days is really typical or normal. #manbookerlonglist
— Scott Pack (@meandmybigmouth) July 20, 2018

In the US, it garnered a starred review from Foreword Reviews and a short review in the New York Times.

The Hope Fault was published in Italy as Dopo la Pioggia (‘After the Rain’) late last year by Unorosso / Parallelo45 Edizioni. What a thrill, to have my book presented and discussed at BookCity Milano.

And it keeps on keeping on. The Hope Fault has been adapted for stage by writer / director Andrew Hale, and will have its world premiere in October 2019 as part of WAAPA’s performance season. It was such a privilege to spend a week at WAAPA last November in workshops with Andrew and the 18 WAAPA 2nd Year Acting students who’ll perform The Hope Fault.

So this is just to say thank you to everyone who’s loved and supported the book – to everyone at Fremantle Press, Gallic Books, Parallelo45/Unorosso and WAAPA, to all who’ve supported and reviewed and mentioned and loved and not loved this book. You rock my world. Thank you.

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