Aardvark Bureau to publish The Hope Fault

I’m thrilled to share the news that UK publisher Aardvark Bureau has signed The Hope Fault, my novel ‘about family and fault lines’. Aardvark Bureau also published my first novel, The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt, in the UK and US in 2016.

The acquisition announcement for The Hope Fault was reported in The Bookseller (11 May 2017):

Jane Aitken, who heads Aardvark Bureau, said: “Tracy Farr is a writer of great talent and we are so pleased to have acquired her second novel which, as its geological title implies, is rich with all that bubbles away beneath the surface of family life. Tracy’s innovative narrative structure allows her to capture both the events of a rainy weekend and one hundred years of family history.”


Read ‘Aardvark Bureau signs Farr’s The Hope Fault at The Bookseller online.