Pip Adam reviews The Hope Fault for The Pantograph Punch

Pip Adam’s long-form review (read it online) of The Hope Fault was published this week in online arts and culture mag The Pantograph Punch. It’s a treat to have such attention and consideration focussed on the novel.

… a large part of what makes her work so compelling … [is] the graft of a story well told. Farr uses space, time and sensual experience to pull off some impressive extreme craft sport in this book; the result is a compassionate and affecting novel that explores the play between our internal and external lives.
— Pip Adam in The Pantograph Punch

The review, titled ‘Telescopic Time’, considers how time operates in The Hope Fault, reflecting on this in a broader literary context, as well as the experience of the reviewer as reader.

A book has the ability to telescope time and The Hope Fault does so to great effect … Farr’s writing is the gingerbread house that makes us forget time, or rather experience time in a different way.
— Pip Adam in The Pantograph Punch