The Hope Fault on the map – reviews, interviews, events

My second novel, The Hope Fault, was published this month, and it’s been a strange and wonderful few weeks watching it start to make its way onto the map of the big wide world of books.

Here are some highlights, and a reminder to join us in Wellington on 28 March to celebrate the novel’s publication.


Pip Adam’s lovely long-form review ‘Telescopic Time: A review of The Hope Fault’ was published this week in online arts and culture mag The Pantograph Punch. Pip also talked up The Hope Fault on RNZ here.

David Herkt’s review of The Hope Fault for Fairfax was published in their regional papers around New Zealand last weekend.


My first interview for The Hope Fault was a marathon (and hugely enjoyable) two-hour chat with writer and reviewer Maureen Eppen. Maureen wrote about it in Perth newspaper The West Australian‘Family fault lines explored’.

Sarah McNeill and I met in Perth for coffee and a chat about The Hope Fault. Sarah’s story was published in Perth’s Post newspaper: ‘Backwards story gives novel a backbone’.

I spoke with Morrin Rout for her Bookenz programme on PlainsFM radio about some of the New Zealand connections in The Hope Fault, and the impact a visit to Christchurch had on the writing of the novel; have a listen.


Following on from the early (pre-publication for The Hope Fault) celebration of the Great Big Book Read in Fremantle in February, we’re having a bookwarming in Wellington next week (Tuesday 28 March) to celebrate the publication this month of The Hope Fault. Join us if you can; details here.

I’ll be heading up to Auckland Writers Festival in May, appearing on Sunday 21 May with Susan Faludi, Leanne Radojkovich and Ian Wedde in the Family Dynamics session, introduced by Anne Kennedy; details here.

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The image on this page is a close-up of 2015 South Island Geology map at Unfolding the map exhibition, National Library of New Zealand in Wellington (photograph: Tracy Farr) – it’s a free exhibition, and well worth a look.

Find more information about The Hope Fault here.

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